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Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery

If you experience signs of peripheral artery disease, you may require a Lower Extremity Doppler. This test can reveal the location and severity of narrowing in the arteries in your legs.

Lower extremity bypass surgery is required when the blood flow to your legs is severely decreased. Blood flow is decreased to your legs when a hard substance (plaque) builds up on the wall of the artery/arteries. This is known as peripheral artery disease and can increase your risk of losing a foot and/or part of your leg. You also may need bypass surgery in your leg arteries when a blood clot lodges in an artery.

Your type of bypass surgery depends upon which arteries are narrow or blocked.

Abdominal bypass surgery is needed when your arteries in your pelvic area (iliac arteries) are blocked. During this procedure, the surgeon will sew a synthetic tube into your aorta. The other end of this tube is sewn into your femoral arteries, bypassing the blocked portion of the iliac artery/arteries and restoring blood flow.

A leg bypass is necessary when a section of an artery in your leg is narrowed or blocked. The surgeon will either use one of your own veins or a synthetic graft to make a detour around the narrowing/blockage in your leg.

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