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Below are streaming videos of the latest advances in coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) which can be downloaded and viewed online. Please note: These clips are from live surgery. Do not download if you are uncomfortable viewing operating room video):

Beating Heart Bypass Surgery:
The following videos feature the "Beating Heart Bypass Surgery" technique for performing bypass surgery. Each video highlights the surgeons ability to reach target vessels while the heart remains beating.

Mechanical Stabilization Technique   Vacuum Stabilization Technique   Heart Positioner

Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting:
Many patients are surprised to learn that bypass surgery includes two surgical procedures. This video features the second procedure, Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting, for removing a vessel for the bypass graft.


EVH Procedure


These videos require the RealPlayer Basic! plug-in. Click the icon below to download a free copy.

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